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Emtech products are available through Authorized Resellers, or they can be purchased directly from Emtech by sound contractors. The best price on our products can be obtained through our Authorized Resellers. The "Resellers" link on this website can assist you in locating an Authorized Reseller nearest you. Occassionally, there can be more than one reseller in a given city, so use the zoom feature on the map to assist in locating all the resellers in your area.

All prices shown on this website are suggested list prices. All Authorized Resellers, dealers wanting to become Authorized Resellers, and sound contractors can request a confidential Dealer's Price List by contacting our Sales Department. Emtech will only sell products at dealer price to Authorized Resellers, sound contractors, and special in house accounts. When contacted by an individual or organization, our Sales Department will direct them to an Authorized Reseller nearest them. If they insist on purchasing directly from Emtech, they will be charged the full list price. This policy protects our Authorized Resellers.

Emtech accepts payment via Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card or American Express. If an Authorized Reseller or sound contractor wishes to establish an account with Emtech, there is a link provided under the Product Identification section of our website for obtaining an application for credit that can be mailed or faxed to our Credit Department.