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Emtech Electronics was established as a corporation under the laws of the State of Utah in March 2000. In April 2000, Emtech purchased the assets of Industry West Electronics (IWE), a 21 year old audio products manufacturer. Emtech manufactures a full line of commercial audio products for churches, schools, and businesses. We continue to produce the EJ-10 and EJ-8 multi-adapters, known to some as the “Crab”, as well as the newer EJ-2 and EJ-2Plus. The MSC series of architectural panels has been expanded and improved. We have also introduced a new line of Sound Masking Generators (SMG series). Improvements have also been made in the Room Combining Matrixes (RCM series). Emtech also continues to manufacture and support the In-Wall Audio Amplifiers and Mixers designed by IWE and private labeled for several years for USI Audio. We also manufacture custom panels and offer custom labeling on many of our standard products. For a complete description of our current products, click on the Products section of our website.